Customer service

Direct dialogue.

A manufacturer of counterframes for sliding retractable systems: this is one of the definitions used to describe Eurocassonetto but in realty it is one of many and perhaps the most limited. In reality we are quite another thing and much more than mere builders of “items in sheet metal”: we go beyond, far beyond. Our packages include, at no extra cost and before all else, staff and dedicated services: we provide assistance and care. Understanding, anticipating and satisfying people’s needs is the main focus and ultimate goal of all our company activities.

People, not customers. And possibly, partners.
By working and presenting ourselves on the market, over time we have found proof of what we already knew: people need to be listened too and cared for, they need someone with a quick and safe answer to their questions.

In a increasingly fast paced and impersonal world we have chosen to foster, wherever possible, direct face-to-face relationships with people. We’ve chosen to stop and find the time and space to cultivate human relationships.

And where and when this is not entirely possible we still manage to maintain a direct and immediate connection by exploiting the good of “this modern world”. And thus along with our toll-free and fax numbers, we have included our direct email addresses and Skype contact.

Thanks to the Internet we can visit our customers while still at the company and through our representatives and onsite support staff we can even shake their hands.

Like a glove, for each individual situation we take on the most suitable, precise form to get on the same wavelength with the individuals with whom we work.

This focus translates within the company into concrete figures dedicated to the customer:

technical staff composed of architects and engineers who can provide all types of assistance on topics directly and indirectly related to our production (both during the pre and post sales phase); a call centre and a sales department expressly dedicated to responding and providing timely follow-ups to the most diverse requests; a graphic design and marketing department that supports all marketing and co-marketing operations in which our partner customers are involved.

We invite you to enter our world and take part in our thought process.

The challenge is to open up our company, to let our colours overflow, reaching out to people and thus creating contact points that can ensure an exchange of values, ideas, services and reciprocal benefits.