Our Mission

The History

Fratelli Marotta s.n.c. was established in 1973 and, as the company developed over the years, it became a point of reference for the regional Sicilian economy. In 2007 it became a limited liability company and was taken over by the new generation, which inevitably marked further positive developments for the company: specialization and industrialization focused on sliding doors hardware and their sale in Italy and abroad.

The Mission

As we build our products, together with components and accessories, we fix and form our identity. In presenting and selling our creations we offer, at no extra cost, assistance, reliability and respect for people and the important things in life. By meeting and getting to know customers, suppliers and collaborators we make friends. This is how we are, how we work.

Determination, love and a passion for our work. A profound belief in our ideas but also a capacity for observation and objective self-analysis. Respect for values and people. Relating to others, ourselves and the surrounding environment. Courage and skill in discussing our beliefs. Tenacity and a lively spirit when facing new challenges and new worlds. The strength and humility to continue reinventing ourselves. Unquestionable pride for having understood from a young age what we wanted to do as adults.


How to find us


C.da Ramalia s.n.c. 92026
Favara – Agrigento – Italia

Tel. +39 0922 31885

Fax. +39 0922 35614