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Eurocassonetto at Dubai

Every year, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates, aiming to promote the internationalization of Made in Italy abroad, carries out important initiatives in support of our country’s economic-production system.

In particular, the Italian Home Interior & Infrastructure – MEP – In the Gulf Countries event stems from the twenty-year experience of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Emirati territory and aims to contribute strategically to the development of Italian exports in the construction, interior, and related infrastructure (MEP) sectors. Not surprisingly, the construction industry is the backbone of the Gulf countries’ economy: the United Arab Emirates hold the top spot for the highest level of construction activity per square kilometer and for being the birthplace of the world’s most innovative projects. This has allowed the construction industry to become a magnet for international investment.

Within the framework of the Italian Home Interior & Infrastructure – MEP – In the Gulf Countries, which lasts 12 months, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates is committed to providing local support, market information, and consultancy to Italian companies intending to expand their reach beyond the peninsula.

At the core of the project is a very specific concept: the construction of a true digital B2B market supported by a physical headquarters that can spread abroad the excellence and authenticity typical of Made in Italy. That’s why, to participate in the Italian Home Interior & Infrastructure – MEP – In the Gulf Countries, one must undergo rigorous selection processes based on analysis and evaluation of parameters such as turnover, company age, sales force, material quality, seriousness, catalogs, price lists, corporate image, etc.

eurocassonetto dubai

We at Eurocassonetto are proud to announce that our company has excellently met the standards required for selection. Throughout the year 2022, we will be in Dubai for the Italian Home Interior & Infrastructure – MEP – In the Gulf Countries through the following channels and modalities:

– We will have our own space within the Business to Business Digital Export Platform.
– Directly on-site in the United Arab Emirates, there will be a Manager who, handling commercial promotion, will effectively communicate the quality of our products, while also spreading the values and mission of our company.
– Throughout the event, we will have a Representation Office in Dubai, at the chamber offices, and a booth at the Index Dubai & BIG5 Dubai exhibition.

Almost all participants in the event are leaders in their respective fields, and we feel deeply honored to share this great and important experience with them.

We will keep you updated on the event, during which we will strive with the determination that distinguishes us to transmit and celebrate all the quality of Made in Sicily abroad.

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