The Counterframe for retractable doors



4 ball bearings (one inside each wheel), steel axle, and nylon wheels. The door slides silently and without any friction. This is due to the ball bearings (not needles) present in the bearings and to the nature of the materials of the sliding kit accessories. It has a load capacity of 120 kg, excellent for the vast majority of doors.


It applies to double-leaf pocket door frames. The application can also occur at a later stage than the installation of the pocket door frame. It should be applied directly to the door panel and allows the synchronized opening and closing of the two doors. By opening or closing one door, the other door also opens and closes simultaneously.


Double Upper Header is used to create the double version of the pocket door frame, using 2 single-leaf pocket door frames. The upper header of each single frame has pre-cut parts at its end indicating the exact point for cutting without the need for measuring or various calculations. After making this cut, the joining bracket needs to be bayonet-inserted so that the ends fit perfectly, and then tighten the butterfly screws. Available in all thicknesses (105/100/90/125 mm).


It consists of two single aluminum tracks complete with a zinc-plated upper header directly tailored (60 + 60 cm / 70 + 70 cm up to 120 + 120 cm). It is the most professional alternative to the joining bracket, which avoids the need for cutting and various measurements.


This accessory is provided in pairs for the installation of glass doors on standard pocket door frames. It allows the accommodation of glass doors up to 12 mm thick.

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